The Most Unusual Kinds of Fitness for Contemporary Ladies!

May 20, 2016

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a lovely lady who had been reading my blog and was interested in writing a guest post. If you have been reading my blog for a while the you will know that I am no stranger to guest posters and have even wrote a few myself. It's a great way to interact with other writers and bloggers. 

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flexitime a lot.

Thank you very much to Sandra for taking such an interest to my blog. Your post was a pleasure to read!

The Most Unusual Kinds of Fitness for Contemporary Ladies!

Recently, the interest in healthy lifestyle and sport in general has noticeably increased particularly  in big cities. More and more people today prefer not to have rest in noisy nightclubs, and sleep well but rather to go in for sport. In the end, the person who wants to get healthier is faced with a fairly large number of institutions offering training opportunities. Some of the clubs attract their customers with really unusual programs. These are the most original of them...

Callanetics. It is believed that doing exercises involves awkward postures. The complex of dozens of exercises for stretching and contraction of muscles, developed by one American Callan Pinckney, has already attracted thousands of women all over the world. To perform each of them it is necessary to involve the whole body. At the same time, back, arms and legs should be turned out so that the tension «gives the ringing in the ears». This problem is not limited to the simple adoption of a difficult posture, we must also try to stay in it for fifteen minutes. Is it any wonder that Callanetics classes have many contraindications, starting with asthma and ending with poor eyesight. It is believed that this fitness system is generally suitable only for former and experienced athletes. However, you can try to do Callanetics in a lightweight version. But one full training will be able to replace as much as 24 hours of aerobics or 7 hours of shaping.

Street Fitness. Not everyone who wants to join fitness club can afford this opportunity. If a person complies with austerity the street fitness program is specifically for them! This system provides training sessions on the equipment that is on any playground. For this purpose, suitable slides, ladders, and horizontal bars will be the best options. Even fences and skeletons of unfinished buildings can be a good tool. This bar can be an excellent basis for the preparation of the ardent supporters of a healthy lifestyle. You may watch the official guide to such workouts on the Internet.   Find the best starting music and approach your perfect body!
Kangoo jumping. For this complex of exercises, you need special springy shoes that turn any surface into a mini-trampoline. The Kangoo Jumping system allows you to strengthen the muscles of the whole body and develop coordination while reducing the pressure on lower limb joints and spine. Kangoo jumping usually takes place in the group.
According to some coaches, you may loose up to 7 km after the month of doing this type of fitness activity.

Bosu. All of the exercises are performed with the use of a small hemisphere, which is somewhat reminiscent of a large half ball. This sport is a great opportunity to help improve coordination and strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Bosu is a good alternative to step aerobics, you can use the hemisphere, and for stretching (stretching ligaments and muscles, increase flexibility). For fitness training, it is important to choose good sports shoes, such as high-top sneakers with ankles securely fixed.

Aqua cycling. A well-known and popular aerobics continues its rapid growth and gives to everyone an exciting area of fitness Aqua cycling. This is a special training session, during which the exercise bike is set right in the water. At the same time, staying in the pool is not only a good chance to make you feel entertained: such unique classes improve blood circulation, train the muscles of the lower leg and thigh, and also pump up your press. Due to the peculiar effect of the whirlpool, you may not only twist pedals but also improve the body and have an excellent prevention of "occupational office diseases" and cellulite. Aqua cycling workouts are a full replacement for a common cycling!

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