Joseph's 3rd Birthday

July 31, 2016

On Wednesday it was my little brother, Joseph's, third birthday and to celebrate we took him to a play house for little children. Unfortunately the photos that I had taken did not come out in the best quality and neither did the ones in the post if I am being too picky. However, I still wanted to write a post about it and share this day because when I was in Spain I was gutted that I was going to miss it. I am so glad that I came home just in time and wrote this post so that I can remember this day forever which is why I attempted to choose the best photos from the ones I had taken.

Since Joseph is just as obsessed with Spider-Man as I am, I very much appreciated the Spiderman balloon he got and wasn't letting that go anywhere before I had taken a snap of it. He also got little Avengers figurines and I just can't help myself from eyeing up his Spider-Man one. It's such a good job he doesn't let go of the thing or that would have definitely been on display in be bedroom now.

I can not believe how fast he is growing up. It seems like only yesterday I was visiting him and my mum in hospital and seeing him for the first time. Here are two of the first photos that I had ever taken of my little monkey of a brother when he had came home from the hospital. He's so darn cute!

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