Travel Diary: Spain - Week One

July 12, 2016

I have finally landed in Spain and I'm now in my second week, so I apologise for the blog post delay but I have just been so busy getting used to my new routine for the summer. I decided before I came here that I would do a blog post of each week that I am here so that I can share some of my favourite memories and photos of this experience.

My first week here was our introduction week I guess you could call it. We all met the staff at the hotels we work at, we began to explore the area and meet the locals. We also got a free trip to Barcelona on Wednesday which was paid for by our college, and then our first day of work began on Thursday morning.
We spent Wednesday in Barcelona which we began by visiting the Barcelona Cathedral, but it didn't take long before we hit the town centre which has the most shops and boutiques that I have ever seen in one space. It was a beauty and fashion bloggers dream! I finally got to step inside Sephora which I had always thought was only in America. That was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my day. I couldn't resist but pick up a new lipstick, which I had definitely fallen in love with now.

Even though I had become shopping crazy that day, I still took time to appreciate how stunning the architecture was in Barcelona. All of the buildings were so unique, yet they all fit together and it was everything that I expected Barcelona to be. This will definitely be one of my favourite days this summer because Barcelona was one of the places that I had always wanted visit. I will definitely be going back there before I return home.

 We also headed to Mount Tibidabo after a good few hours of shopping and sightseeing, which had an amusement park built on top of it! It was absolutely incredible and the view was just something else. My iPhone camera certainly didn't fully capture what I saw with my own eyes. 
I also have a few other random photos that I had taken throughout the week. I found the cutest cafe which we had then renamed the 'Princess Palace'. The castle was also so pretty on an evening and once again, my camera certainly didn't properly capture it as stunningly as it was. It's my aim to go down to the beach one night to watch the sunset so don't be surprised if you see that in a future blog post.

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