Travel Diary: Spain - Week Three

July 19, 2016

The third week was very much work, work, work, sleep, sleep, more sleep, and partying. However, I did manage to do one touristy thing and explore a little bit of the castle when I went for a walk after my shift one day. Although, the weather was pretty rubbish so I never bothered trying to take photos as I knew they wouldnt turn out as nice as they would if the weather was nicer.
I also put my beauty blogger makeup skills to the test and offered to do my friends makeup before going for drinks one night. I must say, I was very proud of the finished result. I felt as though warm copper and brown colours complimented her hair colour the most so that is what I stuck with. I also wanted to keep it natural as she does not wear a lot of makeup so instead of using black eyeliner, I opted for brown on the lower lash line.
Finally, I also used a little bit of my earnings this week (it was well deserved) and bought a gorgeous new dress that I've already worn out. You obviously cant see it in full length from the photo but it is a high low dress with a chiffon skirt that falls to my knees and carries on top my ankles at the back, and crochet top with the beads and feathers as shown in the photo.

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