Avon Advance Techniques Hair Oil

August 01, 2016

Theres nothing I love more than healthy and replenished hair, which is why when it comes to trying out new hair treatments, I am the first one to knock on the shop window. My hair suffers terribly in the dry, winter months which is why I am so glad that I found these hair oils before Jack Frost makes a return this year. I initially got them to use in Spain because I just had a feeling that my hair would need some form of protection because of the hot weather and temperature change. There was also no way that I was leaving my straighteners at home which only added more heat to my hair every time I used them. Although, don't worry because I didn't use them an awful lot and decided to opt for the natural look most days.

However, I soon learnt that maybe hair oils weren't the way to go. Whether it was the hot and humid weather or it was the suncream that my hair would catch every time I put it on my body, my hair just didn't need any added moisture. Every time I used this oil on my hair, it always felt very oily and as though I needed to wash my hair again. Each time I would decrease the amount that I put through my hair until I got to the tiniest drop on the ends of my hair, but I have to admit, that time, my hair looked much better and wasn't as greasy as past experiences.

The hair oil did have some benefits which is why I continued to use it, but only the tiniest drop on the ends of my hair. The benefits were that it made my hair smell incredibly good, it also gave it back the healthy looking glossiness that it lost from the dusty sand and sea water, and nicely tamed down any little bits of frizziness that I so kindly received from the humidity. 

Once I came home and my hair adapted back to normal British weather, I decided to use it again. I was intrigued to see if it was just the weather that was giving my hair all the help it needed or it was actually the oil that was making my hair too greasy. It was definitely the change of weather that stopped my hair from constantly needed moisture and added treatment every time I wash my hair because this time around my hair was not greasy whatsoever. I even went back to my one and a half drops, which is the amount that I use for every hair oil. I like to distribute one drop throughout all of my hair, but not too close to the roots, and then add an extra half a drop on the ends of my hair as they always need the most TLC.

I've used this a oil a couple of times since I got back home to see if it made any difference to my hair and I must admit, I certainly see a little difference. My hair looks very healthy and glossy, and I have definitely lost the frizziness that I had in Spain. It also feels incredibly soft which is always a bonus. I have decided however that I am going to store these bottles away until the weather starts getting colder because if I've learnt anything, its that my hair does not need that much extra moisture in the summer. I can't wait to start using these again. They smell absolutely incredible!

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