Beach Walks

August 04, 2016

Ever since I came back from Spain, I hadn't been properly out of the house spending a good few hours outdoors other than visiting my nana and grandad or going out for Joseph's birthday, but even they didn't exactly take me to the great outdoors. That is why when my dad asked if I wanted to go somewhere I hadn't even heard of because him and my brother was going Pokemon hunting, I was definitely up for the adventure. I love exploring new places! It also turned into such a lovely afternoon out because all my family came along with the exception of one of my brothers, Josh, who was spending the day with his friends. We also met up with my auntie, uncle and cousins who also came for a bit of Pokemon hunting.

I on the other hand enjoyed the really lovely walk that we all took along the seafront. The only downside was the weather which remained gloomy and grey for the rest of the afternoon. It's the reason why my photos look a little dull, but I sort of started to like the vibe because it was a very old town if you couldn't already tell from the church. I sort of got a little bit of a Gothic vibe that day and I couldn't tell whether it was because of the town or the weather, maybe it was both. I have to admit though, I would much rather it was a lot sunnier and a heck of a lot more warmer because I did not appreciate the earache I was starting to get later on in the afternoon because of the cold winds.

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