My Reaction to Gossip Girl

August 06, 2016

Last night I decided to finally start watching Gossip Girl after months and months of itching to start it. Since there are quite a lot of episodes already I decided to wait until there was a time where I wasn't watching many shows so that I could properly binge. This show is so much better than what I was expecting and these GIFS pretty much sum up my reaction.

I found myself becoming very bored last night..
I had just finished Geordie Shore, Peaky Blinders and Grandfathered. I was in the horrible mourning stage of not being able to watch new episodes of these shows. I hadn't felt this way since I finished Dexter and Chuck. Painful times..
But then I remembered about Gossip Girl and I couldn't wait to start a new show that I can binge watch.
Once I started the first episode, I was immediately hooked and found myself regularly shushing any noise that would try and pull me out of this new world I have entered.
After episode one, there was episode two, and then episode three, and then episode four..
I soon found myself becoming in love with Nate Archibald, but then, now Dan. Its so hard to choose! How did Serena do it?
Serena and Dan's parents used to date? Nate is still in love with Serena? Blair lost her virginity to Chuck Bass? 
I have no begun to develop a Gossip Girl addiction and I'm finding it very hard to turn it off.
Seriously, I can't let go..
Halloween is coming up?
I have a few costume ideas in mind..
When I finish the final season, I will go into very deep mourning. I am not looking forward to this day. I know that I will be getting a lot of this..
But my only reaction will be this..

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