Things To Do Before You Start University

August 15, 2016

I  can not wait to move to University this September! Everything has come so fast and it just feels like yesterday that I was writing my personal statement. I have dreamed of going to University ever since I can remember and even though its just around the corner, it still feels so surreal. For today's blog post I have compiled a list of things that I have done to help me feel more prepared for the big move. Hopefully this post will be helpful to those of you who are also starting University this September. Obviously you don't have to do any of this stuff or could just leave it until you actually get your results and officially move in, but by already doing it all, I feel as though I can now approach the move in process with a more calm and prepared mind set.

1. Join Freshers groups for your University on Facebook and Twitter. Like your University's Official Facebook page. Like the Facebook page for your halls.
This is my biggest and most crucial tip because it has had the most impact. By joining these groups, I have been able to meet people beforehand so I already feel as though I know people now. I have met people who will be on my course, people who will be living in my halls, people who will be living in my flat, and even people who are on other courses and are living in different areas of accommodation. It's also a fantastic way to get information about Fresher's week as people will post about the different events that will be happening when you get there. I also found that a lot of second and third years were members of some of the groups I am in, especially the one for the halls. Talking to them through these groups is a fantastic way to get some real advice because they already have the experience of being a first year.

2. Do some research and find out what the essentials are to bring with you on move in day.
Obviously once you move in there is so much time to go shopping and buy everything you need but it will be helpful to already have a few things there. Before I started shopping around for my room, I did some research online and compiled a list of essentials that I will need to bring with me. This included a little bit of food to keep my going until I do my first big shop (Advice from a YouTube video I watched: Don't do your big food shop on move in day! It gets way too busy), toilet paper, cutlery, plates and bowls, glasses, duvet cover and pillows, sheets for your bed, and anything you think you may need during your first couple of days. Any little home furnishings can always be bought once you've settled in. For example, I have decided that I want to get a little storage basket for my en suite because there is absolutely no storage space provided in my halls, but I have decided to wait until I move in so that I can see how much space I have.

3. Buy your stationary once you start your course.
Whilst doing some research regarding what I would need for my room and kitchen area, I also tried to find out what was stationary was required for my course. However, I couldn't find a single website that gave me a specific list for Fashion Communication and Promotion. I then got in contact with the department at the University and was told that it was best to wait until I got there so that I didn't waste my money on what I thought I would need but didn't actually need. There is not a lot of storage space in University halls so it wouldn't be helpful taking up most of your space with stationary you don't necessarily need when you could be using it more efficiently. I then read on a lot of blogs and forums that the only things you really need to take with you to your first seminar is a notebook and a pen, unless your course contacts you beforehand and tells you otherwise. If at the end of the seminar they haven't already told you, then you can always ask your tutors exactly what you will need throughout the year and perhaps jot the list in your little notebook.

4. Double check when your course and accommodation tenancy starts.
Your course start date should be on your University's Official Website, but if not, it doesn't hurt to contact the department. As for the accommodation tenancy, I was informed about my start date through an email which also told me what block and flat I have been allocated. I also got a little student planner now so that I could have these dates written down, as well as dates to Fresher's events of course.

5. Write down a list of everything you will be brining with you to University.
Once I felt as though I had bought everything I needed to be able to move in and not have to rush to any shops, I then wrote down a list of everything that I am going to be taking with me so that I remain organised when packing. If you're still a little unsure then you can find tons of lists online by just simply typing in 'University Packing Checklist' on Google.

6. Get the numbers of local taxi companies in your phone.
I have a feeling this will become very helpful during Fresher's week! When I went to an Applicant Open Day, I was informed that my University actually works with a local taxi company so that students are able to get discount. However, I cant actually remember what company that is so I got the numbers of two with the highest rating online until I find out again.

7. Have an idea of what you want to eat.
I didn't want to get into a routine of eating the same innutritious food just for the sake of them being easy to make, as well as the fact that I have near enough no cooking skills. This is why I decided to buy a Student Cookbook which you can find here. This was recommended by a lot of students online, so I knew that it would be helpful. I have looked through it a few times and can already tell that it will make sure that I am eating right and because it is a student cookbook, the recipes are also very inexpensive and straightforward. Some of the sections include Meals That Mum Might Make, Comfort Food, Vegetarian, Date Night, Desserts and When Friends Come Over.

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