Alnwick Castle

September 01, 2016

Last Sunday I did something that I have wanted to do ever since I went to Bamburgh Castle last year, which was to visit Alnwick Castle. I went with my nana, grandad, sister and two cousins and we had the most fantastic time. Being the biggest Harry Potter fan that I am, I was obviously crazy about seeing this place with it being one of the filming locations for the first two films. I was constantly looking for the areas that were shown in the film which was made easier when a kind member of staff pointed out all the areas to me and what happened there. I think I was mostly excited about seeing where they filmed the first broomstick lesson in the first film because it was one of my favourite scenes in that film.

There was so much to do and so many things going on throughout the day. I am surprised that we managed to fit it all into one day. One of my favourite things to do was actually going into the castle and looking through all the rooms. However I was disappointed about the fact that I wasn't allowed to film anything inside the castle so I only got footage of the outside. I have only seen a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey but still got such a thrill seeing the costumes the cast members wore in the episode they filmed inside Alnwick. There was even an old Costa cup that one of the cast members drank out of and the characters name cards were still placed along the grandest dining table I have ever seen.
Once we had explored the main castle building, we found little museums in the smaller areas and rooms of the castle and thankfully I was able to get some footage of the artefacts. There was so much history in these rooms and I actually found it quite overwhelming to take it all in. There were artefacts from so many periods; the Bronze Age, The Battle of Waterloo, World War One and so many more. I couldn't believe the castle had been around for so long.
One of my favourite parts of the castle was the medieval section. I would have loved to have lived in that period and I totally felt as though I was in Merlin and if you guys know me just a little bit, you will know that its one of my all time favourite TV shows. I'm actually contemplating re-watching the whole show this Autumn as it really gets me in the mood for the upcoming season. It won't be long before I'm putting up my Halloween decorations.

I also thoroughly enjoyed looking at the landscape and land around the castle, especially the big tree house of course. Whats better is that the staff members where decorating it for a wedding that was happening later in the day so it couldn't have looked more beautiful. The first thing I said to my sister and cousins when we got to the treehouse was that I totally felt as though I was in Camp Rock.

It was also guaranteed that I wouldn't be able to resist the gift shop and boy did I do a little damage to my purse, bit it was worth it. In the end I got myself an Alnwick Castle bookmark and postcard which is a tradition I have whenever I go to any historical monument. I then also bought my mum the most gorgeous candle holder and my dad the cutest vintage inspired football mug. My nana and grandad also kindly bought me a Harry Potter inspired Platform 9 3/4 sign that I was admiring for a very long time. I just knew straight away it would fit in perfectly with my room decor. I'm still contemplating however whether I should keep it as a permanent home furnishing or make it a special little decoration when I decorate my room for Autumn and Halloween.

Finally, I apologise for the excessive length of this post but I just couldn't narrow down the photos anymore than I have. However, if you compare it to the amount that I had taken that day, I would say that I did a pretty good job. I hope you enjoyed this post. It's definitely going to be one that I will enjoy looking back on to remember what a fantastic day out it was.

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