My Summer in Photos

September 06, 2016

Summer 2016 has definitely been one to remember. I have accomplished many things that I didn't think I would have done for a while. This includes doing a summer work placement in SPAIN, visiting a monument that I have been dreaming about seeing with my own eyes for the longest time, and starting the process of becoming an independent young adult. I even did my first ever big food shop today to stock up my flat cupboard (all eight of us get our own cupboard). I also applied for my student bank account and applied to the local health centre last week. There's still a lot that I need to do but I can safely say that I have made a great starting point in this new chapter of my life.

I love reflecting back to good times in my life and the summer of 2016 is one that I know I will go back to, which is the main reason why I wrote this blog post. So much happened! So lets break it down..

Obviously you all know that I started my summer in Spain doing a work placement at two hotels which were ran by a lovely little family. The work placement was originally intended to be 10 weeks but instead I only stayed for four. The reason being without going into too much detail was just that it was not what I expected. There were many reasons for my departure and once the majority of people in our group had dropped out and went home, I didn't see myself staying there for much longer. 

However, that's not to say I had a terrible experience because I absolutely adored the town and the time I spent with the towns locals whom I began to create many bonds and friendships with. These memories are ones I will not forget anytime soon. I also miss the ice cream terribly. I had never tasted anything like it! Each scoop was heaven in a cup. I can definitely see myself returning one day, the town was just beautiful.

Boy was I glad to get home though and see my family. I returned home just in time for birthday season in my family. We celebrated the birthday's of my little brother Joseph, my sister Ellie, my Dad and my older brother Dan. I tried a New York style vanilla cheesecake when we went for a meal on Dan's birthday and I can honestly say that it was the BEST cheesecake I have ever had.

To end the Summer the right way, there was only one option, which was to do something I have had on my bucket list for ages. Visit Alnwick Castle!!! I have a full blog post about the day here if you want to give it a read to find out what we got up to that day.

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