Take Me Back to My Childhood 2

September 08, 2016

I absolutely loved writing last nights blog post and so decided to write a part two. Who knows, there may even be a part three.. if I can remember that much. I had so many memories left over from my last post that I just knew I couldnt add or it would end up being too long, so here they are.
Watching The Simpsons with my Dad at 6pm -
This was an after school tradition with my family. We would always sit down and watch two episodes of The Simpsons whilst eating our teas. I used to love that show and definitely wouldn't mind re-watching a few episodes for old times sake.

Is it weird that I still remember the exact layout of MSN? If it was still as popular today and I created a new account, then I think I would know exactly what to do. Other than watching The Simpsons, logging onto MSN and chatting with friends for hours on end was another evening tradition. Whenever did I do my homework?

Girls Go Games - 
Other than the Disney Channel Website, this was the other place to be online. I wasn't even aware about it until my best friend back then told me about it in maybe year five or six. Since she was the only one who I was aware played on it, I'm not actually sure how popular it was. I just remember one of my favourite games on it was where I could design my own bedroom. I could spend hours on it!
Old School Computer Games -
This was before I even knew that the internet existed. I used to love going to my nana and grandad's to sit on his computer and play my Clifford the Big Red Dog game. I even found some pictures of it online. It brought back so many memories and I really wish I could play it just one more time to see if it is as fun as I thought it was back then. I was also OBSESSED with this Sesame Street game. Just looking at this photo makes me so nostalgic.

Fruit Winders -
When you found these in your packed lunch, you just knew that it was a good day.

Vtech Secret Diaries -
These things were about as secretive as Gossip Girl. They were such a waste of money because it would open to anybody's voice even though you put on a password, but nevertheless, you just still kept buying them because you just hoped that one day you would find one that would open to your voice only. Now that I think about it, it would have been much cheaper to buy and actual diary.

Free souvenirs from across the seas -
Whenever any family member went on holiday, it was very important that they knew they had to bring you back a little gift. Once you completed your mission, all you had to do was sit back and wait for your goodies. There was something just so exciting about getting a gift from another country. 
Gel Pens -
EVERYBODY had these pens back in the day. I don't remember using a single biro pen when gel pens were popular. Oh man, I still wish they were, they were just so cool. I had the biggest collection and I actually loved them so much, that I would receive them all of the time for Christmas and my birthdays.

Inflatable Furniture -
Another thing that I was sure to find under my Christmas tree or in my pile of birthday presents. They didn't last long mind, but they were fun whilst they lasted. I have lost count of the amount of inflatable chairs I went through.

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