Easy & Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

October 24, 2016

Halloween is definitely one of my favourite holidays and every year, I just get way too excited about it! If it wasn't for my tight budgeting due to the fact that I am now a full time university student living on my own, I would have definitely went overboard on my decorations this year. I used to love decorating my bedroom at home and sadly, because I am stuck at university this Halloween, my decorations never made it out of the loft this year. I was contemplating bringing them back with me after my weekend at home a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't fit them all inside my little suitcase.

Tonight, I am brining you five easy and inexpensive costume ideas for those of you who always leave this to last minute. Normally that is me every year but surprisingly I already have my costume figured out and ready. Since I cant keep anything a secret on this blog, I'm going to share it with you all! 

I'm not sure whether I have shared this on my blog before but a few Christmas' ago, I was part of a pantomime which was put on by my stage school. The pantomime was called 'Red Riding Hood' and if you haven't guessed already, I was lucky enough to get the part of Little Red. So because I enjoyed being Red so much, I wanted to relive that moment again and have decided to take that aspect but change it up a bit because it is Halloween of course. I have instead decided to be Little Red who was actually killed by the wolf! It sounds creepy I know, but it wouldn't be Halloween without some fake blood and gore. If dead Little Red Riding Hood isn't for you, then keep reading because maybe one of my other ideas might!

1. Angel - If dark and edgy isn't your thing then an Angel couldn't be any more perfect for you, and you don't have to spend a lot of cash to get good results either. Anything from a white bodycon dress to a nude pink or white top and a white tutu would work a charm. Then all you would need are some feathered angel wings and a halo. Luckily Lasula.co.uk are selling most things you need to create this look in their Halloween range and all under £10, but if you're short on cash or would rather make it yourself then take a visit to your local crafts store and watch a couple of YouTube tutorials if you are a little unsure where to start.

2. Day of the Dead Kitty - Every Halloween you can be sure to see at least someone put on some cat ears, draw on some whiskers with some eyeliner and be done with it, but a Day of the Dead Kitty is something else! It beats the socks off any cat I have seen on Halloween. I found this mask when looking through Lasula's Halloween range and just knew I HAD to feature it in this post. The link to the mask is here and I urge everyone to check it out. If this is something you want to go for then need not bother about the rest of your outfit. Anything black will do! If you keep your outfit nice and simple, it will ensure that all attention remains on the mask.

3. Biker - This one is just so easy. The main requirement for this costume is definitely a 50s looking biker jacket and even if you don't have one, then I can guarantee that someone you know will have one. They are a timeless trend! There are really no restrictions when it comes to this look because there is no set look. Once you have your biker jacket, you could wear anything underneath that fits with the style. I'm not sure whether this is just a stereotype but when looking for some 50's biker inspiration outfits, I noticed that they were definitely all about their blacks, reds and polka dots. Little additions that you could add to finish off the look could possibly be a nice red lip, some black eyeliner and a polka dot bandana to wrap around the head or neck.

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