Leeds Street Fashion

October 17, 2016

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Leeds with my friend given that its only a 20 minute train ride away now, rather than it being a couple of hours away. I had never been before, well at least from what I can remember, so you can imagine that I just could not wait to have an explore.

We did actually have a purpose for going into Leeds as we were given an assignment to do for our university course but if anybody lives in the area or has been there before, it should be no surprise to know that we were soon lured in to doing a bit of shopping. Leeds is definitely somewhere you should go if you are wanting to blow some serious cash. I couldn't think of one retailer than wasn't there!
One aspect that truly caught my eye was the street fashion because where I'm from and even in the town that I live in now for University, I haven't seen anyone wear something as daring as some of the outfits I saw that day.

I was able to capture a few photos of some of the outfits because that was one task I had to do for my assignment. If it wasn't compulsory, there would have been no chance of me walking up to complete strangers to ask them if I can take a photo of their outfits. I still get nervous now at the thought of doing it again, which I know for a fact I will be expected to do in future assignments.
I was also absolutely blown away by the Victoria Quarter shopping centre. Unfortunately I wasn't able to upload as many photos as most of them were very blurry for some reason. However, there are plenty of photos online which show just how divine of a shopping centre it is. I had never seen so many high end shops in such close proximity before. There wasn't a Topshop or H&M in sight!

My only thought whilst walking through it and drooling over the gorgeous window displays was 'If only..'.

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