Tips For Freshers Week

October 22, 2016

This blog post is definitely way overdue given that freshers week was nearly two months ago, but better late than never right? During that time, I managed to get 0 nice photos for this blog post, so I'm using one that I found on my student unions Facebook page instead from one of the events. Now that I have experienced Fresher's Week for myself, I do feel like I have enough experience to be able to give my younger readers a little advice for when its their time.

1. Always stay with a friend - I don't want to go all mum on you guys, but I have to admit, this tip is really important. This may be a little harder at the start of Freshers given that you might not have met a lot of people yet. I mean that's what Freshers Week is for, to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends. Although, if you think about it, you will have already met your flatmates straight away if you are in student halls, so technically, you have already made new friends!

2. Always have water at your bedside - I can not tell you how many times I have woken up from a night out with a mouth dryer than a Ritz cracker. The worst thing is, most of the time, you can never be bothered to get out of bed to get a drink. My life has been made so much easier when sensible Amy has set one aside before she starts drinking.

3. Take advantage of every opportunity - because chances are you might not get it again, or at least for the rest of the year. There is so much going on in Freshers Week and it can be quite overwhelming but just try and take advantage of any opportunity given, especially when its free. My university held two Fresher's Fayre's where we were given a ton of vouchers and free stuff. I still use my voucher booklet now! 

4. Don't worry about money so much - Obviously I don't mean spend every dime you have in your pocket because then you would be in trouble, but just don't spend your Fresher's Week stressing over how much you spent the night before because you just wont be having as much fun as you could be having. At the end of the day, you can always get a part time job if you're short for cash. Every time I went out, I would have £15-£20 to spend each night for the taxi there and back, the club entry, money for a couple of drinks, and maybe for a cheeky McDonald's afterwards. Most of the time, I would still have money left and so I would keep that for the next night so that I wouldn't have to take out as much next time. I guess what I am trying to say is be aware of your money, but don't stress because Freshers Week only lasts one week and once its over, its over. Well, until next year!

5. Use this time to make as many friends as possible - It is a lot harder to meet new people after Freshers Week because everybody already has their cliques. This isn't to say that you cant meet new people after Freshers Week because I still meet new people every time I go out, but in Freshers Week, everyone is in the same position and its just a little easier and less daunting. Although, also be aware that a couple of people might not remember meeting you one night, so don't be surprised when they look at you with the utmost confusion when you try and make conversation with them the next morning!

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