A Day in Manchester

December 13, 2016

Tonight I have finally gotten round to writing the final of the three blog posts I intended to write about my trip to Manchester a few weeks ago. Given that it is deadline week, I am trying every excuse to avoid doing my work! I might as well do something productive in my procrastination time.
If you haven't read my last two posts, I went to Manchester a few weeks back with some of the girls on my course as their was an exhibition being held at the Manchester Art Gallery that was relevant to our course. This was the first thing we did, but seen as though it was quite small, we thought we would venture around the rest of the gallery seen as though it was our first time visiting it. I have never been one to properly appreciate art as it has never been my cup of tea, beforehand I would have much rather had a cup of tea at home than visit an Art Gallery which is odd because I love visiting old historic monuments, museums and exhibitions. However, this trip really opened my eyes and I definitely viewed art with a new perspective that day.
I'm not too sure why but the painting above particularly stood out to me and was one of my favourites out of the whole gallery. I spent ages just staring at it, analysing every detail. The warm colours of the sky sort of made me feel warm in myself and really relaxed.
As well as the paintings, I also really enjoyed looking at the different sculptures and historic furniture. It's so crazy to think that some of the pieces in that gallery were once used as ordinary household items by people years and years ago.
The gallery wasn't all historic and old, there were also modern pieces which were really interesting! 

This definitely looks like something that should be in the Hunger Games!
After the exhibition, we also stopped off at Afflecks, which I wrote a separate blog post about here. As well as grabbing some food at TGI Friday's. I hadn't been to TGI's in absolutely ages before that day, I was extremely excited to go back! Then of course, with fashion students being fashion students, we couldn't help but do a little evening shopping before heading home. 
I absolutely love Christmas window displays and this was one of the first I had spotted this year from Debenhams. Debs never lets me down!

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