Christmas Day 2016

December 27, 2016

I had such a good Christmas this year and definitely couldn't let it go just yet without writing a blog post about it. I took so many photos yesterday and it took me ages to sort through them all and pick out the best ones. Although, you wouldn't think that I have done much given the amount of photos still in the post! Also I could resist but take a photo of one of the gifts I received and share it above. I am the biggest hot chocolate fan around Christmas time and my mum and dad definitely got this message. I am so excited to try them all out!
We started Christmas morning just like we do every year; open presents, have breakfast and wait for family to come round. Then once everyone had left, I got ready before hitting one of our local pubs with a few of the men in my family before dinner. I hadn't been for a Christmas pint with them before because I only just turned legal in February. However, I thought it was about time because the last time I had went to the pub with them, I remember I had just received a pink LG Cookie phone. 
I absolutely adore the dress I picked out for the day, but I can't seem to remember where I bought it from. I got it back when I was in Huddersfield and I think it was from one of those wholesale shops like Catwalk. The only disadvantage to garments sold from these kind of shops is the thin material, but luckily this dress wasn't see through. I thought the shape and colour was so flattering, I will definitely get a lot of wear out of this next year.
My nana made the most incredible dinner! It's a shame I didn't wait long enough to take a photo of the plate once all the food was brought out. However, I did get a few pictures of the pretty set up. After dinner, I also had a little photoshoot with the most beautiful cat in the world! I'm normally not fussed about cats, I'm definitely more of a dog person, but I always have time for this little one. She is so friendly and loving, I couldn't imagine my nana and grandad's house without her now. We also sat in the living room listening to Christmas countdowns, waiting for our food comas to start kicking in.
Since I wasn't at home for Bonfire Night, my family saved some fireworks for my return and what better time to set them off than Christmas Day. I absolutely love watching firework displays but my camera is the worst and getting good firework photos. I do however have more photos of food because come on, it's Christmas!
Around 6pm, my nana then lays out a little buffet with everyone and she certainly doesn't disappoint. The table was filled with sandwiches, chicken pieces, macaroons, cupcakes, quiches, seafood, sausage rolls, mini pies and so, so many cakes. This was when I realised, I was definitely going into a food coma.
Yet again, another little photoshoot with this little princess. She is just so photogenic, I cant help but take millions. Luckily I was able to pick my favourite and not put them all in the post. I can't say I wasn't tempted though.
Once we got home, my first thought was how much I wanted a bubble bath with all of my new bath stuff I received the following morning. I can not wait to start using up all my new products, but I will definitely have them featured on the blog beforehand.

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