Coming Home to a Winter Wonderland

December 22, 2016

 Obviously because I didn't come home from University until recently, I missed our family tradition of putting up the Christmas decorations with each other for the first time! It was so weird not being there, watching my mum take charge of the whole operation, one of my little siblings putting the angel up, whilst singing along to Christmas classics on some TV station. With that in mind, you can imagine my excitement on the train ride home on Monday. I couldn't wait to see what the house looked like this year.
Obviously we have, like every family, those decorations you put up every single year without a doubt. We have had this one since my first ever Christmas! They are so precious now considering they were made 18 years ago and are probably one of the oldest Christmas ornaments we have in the house.
We also have the cutest little Santa Clause that we stand next to the tree. It's probably one of my favourite decorations in the house because he just looks so traditional, like the little Santa Clause my Nana and Grandad have in their house. I love keeping to tradition at Christmas!
This is also a new addition to the collection this year and looks so dazzling in person because obviously my camera never does my blog photos justice. It reminds me of the Polar Express which is one of my all time favourite Christmas films.

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