Laura Geller Lights of Venice Cosmetic Collection

December 30, 2016

For anyone who has been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that Laura Geller is one of my all time favourite makeup brands. I have never once been disappointed by one of her products and always look forward to receiving them. This Christmas, Laura brought out her Lights of Venice collection which is definitely one of my favourites already. The box is so beautifully designed and I will definitely keep it as a little room decor piece.
The collection contains eight products which includes:
- Baked Balance-N-Glow Illuminating Foundation
- Baked Chandelier Blush in Chandelier Glow
- Eye Dew Cream Shadow Crayon in Pewter
- LusterEYES 24 Hour Eyeliner in Luster Black
- GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara
- Colour Enriched Lipstick in Pink Mink
- Colour Luster Lip Gloss in Venetian Lights
- Retractable Powder Brush
For a change, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite from the collection because every product is absolutely fantastic, which is exactly why I adore her brand. I've only ever used the Dramatic Volumizing Mascara before so I couldn't wait to try out the others. I've also used the Balance-N-Brighten Foundation, so it was nice to try out a new one. One of my favourite features of her brand is the fact that most of the powders are baked which create the most beautiful marble finishes. Another beautiful finish is the Chandelier blush which is definitely one of the main things that attracted me to the collection. It's such a lovely blush to wear during the day is at it leaves a naturally soft pink flush of colour.
I haven't tried the Eye Dew on my eyes yet but when I swatched it on my hand, I was very much impressed. The shade is definitely something that I would use and the best part is that once dried, it does not budge one bit. It also has a relatively creamy consistency which means that it blends very easily. You could use this crayon in any part of the eye whether thats on the lid, in the crease, or even below the lash line. Similar to the crayon, I've also never used the eyeliner because I'm not a big fan of liquid liners and prefer to use felt tips. However, I did also swatch it and noticed that it was jet black and very pigmented. The brush was also thin and flexible which may actually help me out and make trying to get used to liquid liners easier for me.
I always opt for a nude lipstick whenever I'm doing my makeup. Its very rare that I will wear a bold red or pink and although this lipstick is more pink than nude, I was still overjoyed to open it up. Maybe this lipstick will help me step out of my nude comfort zone and give me the confidence to try out more colours, especially with Spring and Summer round the corner. I also greatly admired the little 'Love, Laura' carving in the lipstick as it makes it much more personal.
I haven't worn a coral lip in a very long time, so much like the lipstick, I'm hoping this gives me the confidence to step out of my nude comfort zone. I say that as I ordered MAC's Velvet Teddy and Whirl lipstick the other day, but I have a feeling I will be much more open to it when Summer comes around. The gloss isn't very pigmented and adds more of a sheen instead, which would look lovely on  its own or top of a lipstick. It's also not sticky whatsoever which I absolutely despise when it comes to lip glosses, which is why I hardly ever wear them.

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