Nivea Hydrating Moments 3 Piece Gift Set

December 27, 2016

Although Winter has its perks, it can be a horrible time for the majority of the populations skin as the cold weather tends to dry it up and take out all the moisture. Thats why its always important to take extra care when the cold months come around. I received this Nivea gift set for Christmas and was overjoyed with the products inside as these are the products I always find myself using in Winter. The gift set came with an Express Hydration Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, and Hydro Care SPF 15 Caring lip Balm. Although I definitely wont need the SPF 15 properties in the balm, its definitely nice to know that I have a lip balm stored away for summer.
Although it comes across as an extreme hydrating body lotion, the consistency is very light which means that it soaks into the skin relatively fast. However the one thing that I did notice about it was the oily residue left on my hands at the end, which I wasn't a fan of, I have to admit. The lotion also smells incredible and really refreshing which is also nice when it comes to body creams. Overall, I think its a fantastic product as it leaves my skin looking and feeling very soft and supple. I would definitely use this in the day time or before I go out somewhere if I feel my skin needs a little pick me up.
The hand cream was a little thicker than the body lotion, which was expected given that hand creams normally have heavier consistencies which is why its best to use them before bed so they have all night to soak in. However this one also soaked in relatively fast which I liked because I now have a hand cream that I can take on the go. The only disappointment was once again, the oily residue that is left on my hands but that soon disappears once the cream has completely soaked in. The scent was also the same as the body lotion which was once again really refreshing and clean smelling, if that makes sense. 
I've had this lip balm before so my reaction was no different to the first time I used it. It's definitely a lip balm I would opt for in the Summer rather than Winter, especially with it having SPF 15. I generally tend to stick to extremely hydrating balms in the Winter like Vaseline for example, because my lips are always the first to dry up. My chapsticks are normally kept for Summer as a quick top up product.

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