Revolution HD Pro Eyes & Brows Kit

January 04, 2017

I have way too many eyeshadow palettes, more than the average person! But whats one more, right? I was scrolling through the Superdrug site recently, looking out for their boxing day deals, when I came across the prettiest eyeshadow palette I have ever seen in my entire life. It even looked appealing on the website, which is very surprising given that retailers aren't the best at taking photos that show you exactly what the products look like. Whats more, it was also priced at £4.99. How could I pass up on a bargain like that?
All of the shades are incredibly stunning and very well pigmented starting from four base shades on the far left, then eight mattes, eight shimmers, and four brow shades. Every single shadow in the palettes are shades that I normally find myself using so its so nice that I've finally found a palette where I could see myself wearing every single shade. Right now, I am very comfortable with my Revolution HD Brows palette and so find no need to use the four brow shades, but its nice knowing that I have a different option whenever I'm in the mood to change it up. However, they could just as easily be used as shadows.
The brushes that came in the kit are also fantastic, which is no surprise seen as though everything else is. The Pro HD Eye Brush is great for the crease as it is small enough to blend the shadow right into the crevice, therefore creating a darker and more dramatic look. It's then also soft enough to be able to blend the colour out if you are wanting to go for a smokier finish. The flat brush, although too small to use as my main brush for applying the base colours for my liking, became very useful for packing on colour on the tear duct, on the brow bone, and below the lash line. Finally, its always nice to have an angled brush or two as they have many uses, especially for filling in brows and applying eyeliner.

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