Trying Out A New Haircare Range

January 08, 2017

Every Christmas, my mum always puts together little gift boxes of different products and this year she made one with products from the hair care range, Argan Oil. I wasn't familiar with this brand until now and after doing some research, I was so surprised to find out how affordable the products were considering how fantastic they work with my hair. Just like my skin, my hair can get really dry when it wants to and so this range is absolutely perfect for me given that all of the products contain Argan oil, hence the name.
I love hair masks and I'm always open to trying out new ones, so I was overjoyed when I saw this in the bundle. I am so impressed with this one because once I wash it out, my hair is left feeling so hydrated and soft. It also feels so much easier to work with when drying and styling. I've used it three times since Christmas and now that the product is starting to disappear more and more, I'm really savouring every last drop until I find some more.
These are the biggest bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner I have ever seen in my life, and boy do I need them with my hair! I've noticed that all the products in this range smell absolutely fantastic, especially the Shampoo and Conditioner. Once again, my hair feels amazing after using these and they really do what it says on the packaging. I used the Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask tonight and my hair feels and looks absolutely wonderful. These are definitely my three favourite products from the range right now.
I know this sounds really bad, but honestly, I'm not the loyalist person when it comes to protecting my hair against heat. Its a step in my routine that I always forget and I don't see why considering I regularly use hot tongs on my hair. However, I really want to get into a good routine of looking after my hair more and this heat defence spray is going to really help me start out, hopefully.

As well as hair masks, I am also a big fan of hair oils, especially because my hair can get relatively dry when its having its bad days. The oil in the little brown bottle claims to be an 'intensive hydrating treatment' and I completely agree that it is just that. Only the tiniest bit of product is required as the oil is so rich and hydrating. Too much product would definitely leave your hair feeling and looking a like an oily mess, which is never a good look. I imagine this little bottle will last me a long time as the richness of the oil means that its not going to be something I use after every wash and more when my hair needs some deep treatment every now and then.
The final product I've been testing the waters with is another hair treatment, which is very similar to the one above. I haven't noticed many differences between the two products, however, the oil above is a lot heavier and richer than this one as this treatment feels much more lighter on my hair. I don't feel as though I have to be so careful with this one. I have really bad dry ends at the moment as my hair is in desperate need of a trim, however, both treatments have really helped make the ends look somewhat not so dead until I find time to sort them out. This one also has a tiny nozzle that the product comes out of so its so much easier to control how much product you want compared to the other one which is just an open cap. One limitation to both products however is that fact that they both leave either sticky or oily residue on my hands, so I always need to make sure I have a tissue or baby wipe on hand before I use them.

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