Trying Out New Simple Products

January 05, 2017

I love trying out new Simple products because it is such a fantastic high street skincare brand, which I have been using for years and years. I actually think it was one of the first brands I used when I started to take an interest in makeup and skincare. My favourite thing about their products is the fact that they are so pure and good for your skin as they have no artificial perfume or colours, no harsh chemicals, and generally contain a range of Multi-Vitamins and 'skin loving ingredients' including Glycerin, Allantoin and Bisabolol. My mum got me a whole bunch of new products this Christmas that I haven't yet tried out and I have been dying to write up a blog post about them. There were quite a few in the box that are brand new to me and so I decided to split them into two posts. I kept all the creams in this one and in the one which will be posted shortly after this, I feature cleansers, makeup removers and face scrubs.

I've had the cleansing lotion before but for some reason never wrote a proper review on it. I remember writing a Simple blog post last Christmas which you can find here, but I never actually shared my thoughts on the products. The cleansing lotion is fantastic for those cold winter months or even if you have dry skin in general because it removes all impurities from the skin, whilst still ensuring the skin remains hydrated. All you need to do is squeeze a little product onto a cotton pad and apply like you would apply any cleanser or toner. I prefer to use this when I haven't been wearing makeup as I much prefer to use other cleansing products to remove makeup.
When my skin is feeling relatively normal, which typically happens when the weather starts to get warmer, I generally opt for a Simple face cream as their formulas are always light, yet still extremely moisturising and replenishing. However, I'm not sure if I would say that I was the biggest fan of these two. They both leave a greasy residue which isn't the nicest feeling, even if you have dry skin. This also means that they take FOREVER to soak in, which is expected with the night cream as they tend to be heavier, but its not something I expect with a day cream. I want a day cream that will soak in relatively quickly so that my skin is well prepared for makeup, but this does quite the opposite. I've also found that the day cream stings my eyes and makes them water, so I have to be extremely careful when I'm near my eye area. 
My least favourite of the four is definitely the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, primarily because of the misleading name. It claims to be a 'rich' moisturiser which you would assume delivers heavy-duty hydration, yet personally, I haven't felt like my skin has received this. Although still a fantastic light moisturiser, I wouldn't necessarily use it when my skin is in need of some deep hydration. The consistency is very light which means that it gives instant moisture to the skin and it also doesn't leave sticky or greasy residue unlike the two above, so its perfect for using before doing makeup.

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