Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! Review

March 07, 2017

About a week ago, I went into Superdrug looking for a new nude pink lipgloss as I had just ran out of my Tanya Burr gloss in 'lunch date' and nude pink is all I have been wearing lately. I looked through all the brands but couldn't find one that a. I liked the shade of and b. was a reasonable price. I then remembered about my Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! in the shade 'My Eternity' that I used to be obsessed with, so I decided to go back to Rimmel and see what other shades they had. That was when I found these two.

I have to admit, they're a lot more pink than I was looking for but I still love them none the less. Spring and Summer are also slowly creeping up on us, which is the perfect time to wear brighter colours like pinks. 

The lip glosses are definitely sold at a reasonable price, costing £5.49 each. The shades that I purchased this time were 'Stay My Rose' and 'Glossaholic'. Stay My Rose is the one furthest to the top, which is the most nude out of the two. It also has tiny little glitter pigments and is more sheer than the other, so it is perfect to use over lipstick, which is what I generally do with this one. Glossaholic is just a straight up baby pink, nothing too fancy or bold, which is definitely my cup of tea. When it comes to pinks, I'm not a big fan of anything too bright and much prefer simplicity.

I absolutely love the formula of these glosses. They are incredibly creamy and have the most divine  scent. The only problem I have with them is that they are a little sticky. Not necessarily on the lips, but more if you happen to accidentally catch it on your hands or in your hair. Something that I seem to do on a regular basis, being the biggest klutz ever to walk this planet an all.

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