Teagime Teatox Review

March 05, 2017

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand called Teagime as they asked me to try out their teatox programme in return for a blog post about my experience. Until this programme, I had never considered teatoxes because I always assumed that they were for people who wanted to lose weight, but as I followed this two week plan, I began to realise that they weren't just for losing weight. Teatoxes have so many benefits allowing you to become a healthier and more energetic person. On their website linked above, Teagime claims that their teas are "based on flavour preferences, caffeine requirements, skin condition and menstrual cycle. We use information provided by you to custom-blend herbs and other ingredients specific to your needs. That means each cup of teatox you drink is optimised for your particular health and energy needs."
Every two weeks Teagmine sends out three packets of tea for morning, afternoon and evening. The ingredients are specifically chosen for your needs after filling in a questionnaire when you first sign up so that they can get an idea on your preferences. You also receive two free silicone tea infusers with your first order as every package you receive is completely fresh which means that the tea is still loose, therefore meaning that you have to infuse the tea yourself. It's an added step in the tea making process but I don't necessarily mind because its more of a comfort knowing that my tea is fresh and hasn't been packaged in a box for weeks like the ones you pick up at the supermarket.
The package also came with an information booklet about tea which I found really enlightening and informative. It also came with a sheet of information about the ingredients used in my teas, the benefits of each one and a star rating of how well they increase metabolism, helps cravings, boosts energy, eliminates toxins, and improves circulation. My morning tea was called 'Blessed by Diana' and it was a combination of nettle, lemon balm and blueberry. Whereas my afternoon tea, named 'The Little Alchemist' included raspberry, raspberry leaf, lady's mantle, and pouchong tea. This was definitely my favourite of the three as I much preferred the flavour compared to the others which were much more subtle and not as strong flavoured. The raspberries definitely gave my afternoon tea a bit of a fruity flavour boost. I also found this tea to work wonders when I was on my period as the lady mantle helps relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, as well as the raspberry boosting immunity levels. My final tea which was for the evening whilst I settled down for bed was called 'The Light Fantastic'. This tea was a combination of elderflower, fennel and chamomile. All of which helped strengthen the kidneys and stomach, support the immune and digestive system, guard your body against any allergies, and overall allow you to have a better nights sleep.
I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who it may appeal to after reading this post. However, that is if you are willing to spend a bit of extra money for quality as each box is priced at £29.99 every two weeks. This definitely does not fit in with my student loan but maybe if I had a little extra money and worked full time rather than living off a loan, then I would most probably invest in this as I have always loved tea. Whilst doing this programme, I noticed so many benefits to my skin and overall perspective to things as I was much more motivated, mindful and energetic which I managed to maintain throughout the day.

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