Hoodie Dresses and Knee High Boots

April 14, 2017

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This morning I was reading April's issue of Cosmopolitan and noticed that the hoodie dress was starting to become a more popular trend. Over the past year, hoodies and lounge clothes have started to appear more frequently on the streets, but its not until now, that Cosmopolitan predicts the trend to be a S/S 17 staple. I for one, was extremely excited about this because the hoodie dress and knee high boots have become one of my favourite combinations. I even sport a nude pink dress myself, similar to the one worn by YouTuber Coco Lili on the far right, which I normally pair with some black knee high boots. However, I only ever wear it on a night out. I definitely don't have enough confidence to wear it on the streets. To be honest, I think I prefer keeping it as a club outfit because I am definitely more of a converse girl during the day. When I'm out, I've never actually seen anyone wearing this combo other than myself. Hopefully this might change as more celebrities and fashion influencers are spotted wearing it, if Cosmo is right in its trend forecasting.

For today's post, I decided to do some research and pick out my three favourite outfits. The first of which was worn by Bella Hadid last February. I love camo and anything military inspired, especially in Autumn and Winter. If I were to get another one then camo is definitely the direction I would go. I already have some black knee high boots that look exactly like Bella's, so I'm pretty much half way there. Kourtney Kardashian takes a different route to the other two outfits and decides to match her boots and dress with two tones of grey. This outfit would most definitely wash me out, but she pulls it off perfectly. With that in mind, is there anything the Kardashians can't pull off?

Beauty, fashion and fitness YouTuber, Coco Lili also sticks to muted tones whilst opting for a nude shade. The reason why I love this one in particular is because of the distressed design, which is exactly like the one in my own wardrobe. It definitely further enhances the 'I just rolled out of bed' look.

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