Sass & Belle Wish List

April 14, 2017

I haven't done a wish list post in such a long time, but yesterday I was sorting through my laptop bookmarks and came across Sass & Belle again. I had completely forgotten about it, but once I started browsing through the website, I remembered just why I bookmarked it. Sass & Belle sell the cutest homeware items from little trinket dishes to jewellery boxes and picnicware. It is definitely worth a little look because you will be surprised what you find and then desperately start counting down the days until payday.
I can just picture all these items fitting so perfectly with the ambience of my bedroom. They definitely scream my style! Rose gold, copper, marble, polka dots. It's like they were made for me, right? The mug was the first thing I saw and I instantly contemplated buying it because 'I can't adult day' is my outlook every single morning. I don't have a lot of photos displayed around my room. Instead they're just hidden on top of my wardrobe collecting dust. If I was going to display them, then this heart shaped photo holder is definitely how I would do it.

Succulents are everywhere these days and I for one, am a huge fan! I love bringing greenery indoors, but for some reason I have never bought succulents. I'm definitely going to invest in some for my room when I go back to university next year. When I came across the coffee table, I instantly envisioned myself buying it if I had a house or flat of my own. I even started thinking about where I would put it and what I would display on it. Someone reassure me, I'm not that big of an over thinker am I?

Finally, I'm not big on jewellery. I hardly ever wear it, and when I do, its always little dainty pieces. Never anything bold and extravagant. I do have some gorgeous little necklaces and earrings that definitely deserve to be displayed on these little trinket dishes and jewellery stand. I think one of the main reasons I don't wear anything is because all of my jewellery is locked away in a jewellery box and not easily accessible. If I had one of these in my room then I would most probably be more tempted to put on some jewellery each morning.

I am just preying that my student loan comes soon because I am so close to putting a few of these in my basket. 

You can find all of the items here:
1. Metallic Monochrome I Can't Adult Today Mug
2. Vintage Copper Wire Heart Photo Holder
3. Small Artificial Succulent in Ceramic Plant Pot
4. Follow Your Dreams Trinket Dish
5. Marble & Brass Jewellery Stand
6. Folding Coffee Table with Round Tray
7. Stargazer Unicorn Trinket Dish

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