The Pros and Cons of Living in Student Accomodation

April 09, 2017

As my first year at university comes to an end, there are a few topics that I feel like I am experienced enough to write about and one of them is student accommodation, which is where I have been living for the past year alongside other students. Ever since starting university I planned to write this post, but I didn't want to do it until I had experienced everything they tell you about student accommodations. The truths and the myths!

- The independence: This has been one of my favourite aspects of moving away because I have always regarded myself as a relatively independent person so I couldn't wait to start being able to do things for myself. Living away from home has truly helped ease me into independent living as I have learnt skills that I can carry into the future, especially after graduation. However, if you're not relatively independent and prefer to rely on others, always remember that you are not entirely on your own as you are surrounded by people who are in the exact same boat.

- The close knit community: Another one of my favourite aspects of living in a student accommodation is the close community that begins to form as everyone starts to become familiar with one another. You will always see the same people around and my accommodation especially had a gym, a shop, a laundrette and a venue with a bar, study room, games room and cinema room, so the more that everyone got to know each other, the more it began to feel like a small community of students.

- Being less than a minute away from your friends flat: There is nothing better than living walking distance to your friends flats. I was lucky enough to be put in the same court as all of mine, so people got used to seeing me walking from block to block in my slippers. I can not remember the amount of times that I have rolled out of bed and went straight into my friends kitchen.

- Always having a place for pres: There is ALWAYS somewhere you can go for pre drinks before a night out. What do you expect when you are living with students? 

- The flat parties: Flat parties are so much better in student accommodations because other than security, who are generally flexible with parties and noise because they know what students are like, you have nothing to worry about in regards to people crashing them.

- Meeting new people: It is so much easier to meet new people when you are living in a student accommodation rather than moving straight into housing, especially when you are in first year because the majority of students go into university knowing absolutely nobody.

- Theres a chance you might not mix well with your initial flatmates: I certainly didn't and moving into another flat was one of the best decisions I made this year. One of the great things about my accommodation is that they are very open to students moving flats if they don't bond with their flatmates because they cant expect everybody to get along.

- The noise complaints: This is also something you're going to need to get used to if you're planning on living with other students. I've come to realise that students have no bedtime and they can stay up to ridiculous hours in the morning. Personally, I didn't have any bad experiences with noisy neighbours, but the amount of noise complaints that were posted on the accommodation Facebook page definitely got annoying.

- Having nobody to cook your food and do your washing: You definitely appreciate going home more when you have to get used to cooking your own food and doing your own washing. They became the banes of my life, which were even more daunting when you were hungover or feeling unwell. Speaking of washing, you may also be put into a flat with people who aren't as clean as you, or in some cases, you might not be as clean as their standards. This is definitely something you have to hopefully try and come to a comprise about.

- Its more expensive than living at home: Obviously when living in a student accommodation, you have to purchase things you can get for free at home like food, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc. However, I still think that living in a student accommodation is worth it despite the costs because the perks definitely outweigh the cons.

- It's easier to get distracted from work: Living so close to students who are trying their hardest to procrastinate from doing work is a danger zone when you have deadlines coming up. Its so easy to get persuaded into going on a night out or going round someones flat, but in a sense, this is a blessing in disguise because you end up having to learn how to be strict with yourself and control how you are spending your time.

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