70th Birthday Celebrations

May 31, 2017

Tuesday 30th May marked the date of my Nana's 70th birthday! We celebrated with a family gathering at one of our favourite pubs, The Ship. It's like a family tradition as we always find ourselves here for every occasion. At the same table as well! It was the most wonderful evening spent in each others company and was a lovely way to relax after all the stress of preparing for our holiday. The meal was planned as a surprise and since my Nana hadn't suspected a single thing, the look on her face when she saw everyone at the table was something I'll never forget.
Before the meal, I did what all good bloggers do and started taking every photo opportunity I could. I also realised that when I write up blog posts about time spent with my family, I never actually photograph them and instead it normally ends up being a blog post about the food I have eaten and our surroundings. This time I made sure not to forget and managed to get everyone to get a photo or two taken. I was surprised to see Joseph so optimistic about being in front of the camera, especially since I always frustrate him with the amount of snapchats I take with him.
The food at The Ship is always absoloutely incredible and the fact that its local makes it so much more convenient. Although the food and drinks are one of the main reasons why this pub is a family fave, I have to admit, one of my favourite aspects of it is the fact that its decorated as a ship, hence its name 'The Ship'. Its so unique and creative!

Furthermore, what's a blog post without my choice of food for the night, right? I got my usual dough balls starter, which I normally end up enjoying more than the main course because they are so delicious. As for the main course, I opted for a steak and ale pie and I still stick by my word in the fact that its the BEST steak and ale pie that I have ever had in my entire life.

The surprises didn't stop when she walked through the pub door as my grandad also ordered her the most beautiful cake. Her reaction was once again so memorable and this time, I captured it all on my camera.

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