May 25, 2017

This week has absolutely flown by and it wont be long before I fly to Bulgaria for a well needed family holiday. I couldn't be any more excited than I already am right now! Although the holiday is going to be absolutely fantastic, one of my favourite things to do when going abroad is the preparation, the packing and the SHOPPING! I went into town last week whist I was still in Huddersfield and picked up three products from Superdrug that I wanted to share with my readers.
I wasn't on the look out for new lip products as I have more than enough in my makeup collection, but whats one or two more, right? I love liquid lipsticks and was instantly drawn to these Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits which contain a lipstick and lip pencil. They are both retailed at £6 which is not too bad for the quality of the products. I was also very fond of the packaging even though its clear that they are cheaper dupes of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, but lets be honest, what makeup brand hasn't caught onto this trend?
The two kits that I picked up were in the shades 'Echelon' which is a matte nude and 'We Rule' in a metallic gold. I have mixed feelings about these kits because whilst the formulas are smooth and creamy and the shades are incredibly pigmented, the liquid lipsticks are annoyingly sticky and the colour of the lip liners don't match the lipsticks. I definitely think that these are very standard, run of the mill products as I've found that its rare to find a matte liquid lipstick that doesn't leave a sticky finish. The shade of the Echelon lipstick is a beautiful nude, but the liner is unusually orange toned. On the other hand, the plus side is that the lipstick wands have enough precision to work perfectly fine without the need for a liner. With the cons aside however, I would still recommend the kits, solely because of the lipsticks, to anyone who is looking for an affordable liquid lip product that is good value for its retail price. This can be found at most high street stores, including Boots and Superdrug.
My favourite kit out of the two is the metallic which has a much nicer feel on the lips and isn't as drying as the matte. The finish is also absolutely stunning. However, the liner in this kit is very sheer and honestly quite pointless. The tip also snapped off with the littlest of pressure. Aside from the negatives, the pigmentation, durability and creamy consistency of the lipsticks is very impressive. However I wouldn't wear the matte for more than a few hours if you don't want to start to get an uncomfortable dryness, but if you decide to wear it for longer, it does not budge whatsoever. The metallic is a little different and is more likely to rub off easier than the matte as it has a glossier finish.

It's also worth noting that the colours on the box are misleading as the actual product shades are very much different. Make sure you have a look at the tester products before you decide to pick one up. I would definitely stick to the metallic collection if I was to pick up another one because I'm not too found of how drying the matte feels.
On the other hand, I am greatly impressed with the Barry M In The Glow Tahitian Body Oil. First and foremost, the scent is absolutely incredible and is stated on the bottle as "the tropical fragrance of Tahitian Gardenia", which is manufactured by the brand Pacifica and has notes of jasmine, gardenia, sweet orange and tea leaf. A little bit definitely goes a long way with this product, but be careful when pouring it onto your skin as the product runs out relatively fast. However, I wouldn't worry about trying to rub it in quickly because I noticed that once it was on my skin, the oil didn't run down my leg as fast as expected with body oils. The one issue I have with this product is the bottle as you could very easily knock it over and spill the oil everywhere as it has an open cap. It would have been much more convenient to have had a lid with a pump or some sort of pipette.

The product itself is fantastic! It contains coconut oil which ensures skin hydration. It glides on so smoothly and soaks in relatively quickly, so you don't need to awkwardly stand naked in your room for what seems like a decade, trying to avoid touching any piece of furniture. Once its fully soaked in, you're left with the most lovely subtle bronzed sheen finish thats more visible when light hits the area where its applied. It would look great on top of fake tan or on natural skin as a little boost. Just make sure you wash your hands afterwards, otherwise you will get oil EVERYWHERE. It's original retail price is £7.99 in store and online.
I also got my sister to model the Echelon lipstick to show you all how beautiful the shades are when they are being worn as well as in the tubes. Thank you very much Belle x

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  1. I really want to try the oil when I go away as I imagine it's gorgeous on tanned skin. I also want to try liquid lipsticks as I have yet to find one that doesn't make my lips feel like chalk haha xx Wonderful blog! xx

    1. Yes you should totally try out the body oil. I fully recommend! As for the liquid lipsticks, if you're wanting to try out the Makeup Revolution ones then I would stick to the metallic range as they are much more moisturising. I think its hard to find a nice matte that doesn't dry out your lips. Let me know what you think and which one you go for in the end. Thank you Belle x

  2. I find with liquid lipsticks that they can tend to be drying on the lips, but I love them for there staying power, I overcome the dryness by applying any brand of lip salve as and when needed, it seems to do the trick for me. xx

    1. Yes definitely, however the metallic one was much more wearable as it didn't dry out my lips and I wore it for a full day with the odd touch up, but I'm yet to find a matte liquid lipstick thats still moisturising. That is such a fantastic tip. Thank you! x


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