Five Things You Can Learn From Fashion Magazines

May 28, 2017

Ever since I started my Fashion Communication and Promotion course at University, I have collected so many fashion magazines. I have to admit, before university, I wasn't a massive magazine reader and mainly sourced all of my fashion related news from the internet. However, because my course encourages us to read them in order to get a taste of all media platforms, I have started to get a little addicted. Each month, I collect a variety of different titles including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and Elle as I don't necessarily restrict myself to one publication.

Ever since I started to properly read them each month, I've noticed that I have become much more aware of what is happening in the industry, as well as becoming more educated about today's society and modern day living. I decided to write a blog post about some of the things that I have learnt from reading fashion magazines, that you might not necessarily learn in say a sports or gossip mag.

1. Trends - Fashion magazines are one of the best sources to learn about upcoming trends for the season as most of them normally dedicate a few pages to each trend, which are normally near the front of the magazine. They also feature high street and high end pieces that you can buy yourself with information about the prices and retailer so that you can fashion the trend yourself. 

2. Insider into the fashion industry - I've found that magazines act like an information hub of all the latest news and happenings within the industry. This is so convenient for my course because its so crucial that I stay updated about whats big and on trend. 

3. Interviews with your favourite designers/editors/models etc - This is one of my favourite aspects about fashion magazines because you can get access to exclusive interviews that can't be found anywhere else. It's even better when they are interviews with your favourite or some of the biggest names in the industry. They are basically A-List celebs to us fashion fanatics! Furthermore, you also find that these magazines will sometimes feature interviews with actors and musicians as well. In the past, I've read interviews with Chris Pratt, Emilia Clarke and Emma Watson. 

4. There are always how to's/help guides - These can be a very fun read and most of the time, very helpful. I've noticed that the fashion and beauty focused help guides and tutorials have allowed me to become more creative and experimental as they normally have guides on how you can recreate a certain trend or look in order to adjust to your individual style.

5. They can open up new interests for you - This is in regards to magazines in general and not just those that are fashion focused. Whilst reading magazines, I have been introduced to new books, beauty products, TV shows, music and even events that I wouldn't normally consider. However once I tried them, I found myself thoroughly enjoying them.

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