My First Year Of University in Photos Part 2

May 24, 2017

During the Easter holidays, I had written a blog post about my entire first year of university called 'My First Year of University in Photos' in which you can find here. I love writing and reading these kind of blog posts and have also written one about my summer last year, which can be found here. I love taking photos of my friends, family and surroundings as I think its the most amazing way to capture memories. It's also a lot nicer to look at and is more visually appealing than reading a ten page blog post on every experience at uni. I'm sure I would probably start losing readership if I started writing ten page blog posts.

After the Easter holidays, I returned back to my student halls for three weeks to spend some more time with my friends before everyone left for summer, as well as going back to pack up my bedroom ready to move back home and get myself ready for Bulgaria. I refuse to look at my bank balance after the amount of holiday shopping I've done in the past few weeks. I have well and truly done some damage.

The photos in this post are relatively self explanatory. They're either from a messy night out, our trip to Blackpool, days where we just did nothing but chill out, or when we actually made it outside, photos of the beautiful scenery of Huddersfield. It was so nice to be able to go back and not have any worries about deadlines. I was so much more relaxed and was able to appreciate the time I spent with my friends even more. I came back home with everything (just about) packed up in the car, my Bulgaria to do list completed, a years worth of memories I will never forget, and friendships that I will treasure forever.

Oh and also, a cocktail recipe that will make you think twice about sticking to vodka and orange at pre drinks:
Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Rose Wine with Summer Berries
Cranberry Juice

I never stick to proportions and just wing it each time, but I normally fill half the cup with the wine and then the second half with the lemonade and cranberry juice. It really depends on your flavour preferences.

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