Things I Love About Huddersfield

May 14, 2017

With Huddersfield now being a big aspect of my life as I now regard it as my second home, its not stranger to my blog. I absolutely love the town and always have since the first day I set my eyes on it when I attended an interview for my course with my dad. We both knew on the way home that it was absolutely perfect for me. With the industry I am wanting to enter as I follow my future career path being very city based, I wanted to go somewhere a little more relaxed and smaller for university. I love the countryside and its always been a dream to live there, so what better time to do it than university?

Here are a few of my favourite things about this beautiful little town:
- The scenery and surroundings are absolutely beautiful. It's like a mix of Heartbeat, Emmerdale and a David Attenborough documentary. There's so much land to walk and wherever you go, there will always be a beautiful view. One of the best spots is Castle Hill where you are literally stood on top of the entire town. You can see the entire busy town centre surrounded by farmland that stretches for miles.

- With my student accommodation being quite far away from the town centre like the rest of the student housing, I am pretty much situated on the outskirts with all of the farm land. This means that I pass through all of the farmland every time I go to or return from university. I see cows, horses and all sorts of nature pretty much every single day. This is one of the best aspects of my accommodation because most students who live in the town centre probably don't get to be as close to the nature and scenery as I do by living so close to it.

- The atmosphere every time I go into town is everything I expect. Everyone is always so friendly and theres no doubt that you will always walk past a street musician. The warmer days are the best, especially when schools are closed because everyone is out. I've never once felt like I didn't fit in with the Huddersfield community and thats why it started to feel like my second home so quickly.

- There are local pubs everywhere you go so you can always be guaranteed a cool drink on a hot day or some good quality pub food when your appetite arises. They always look so photogenic as well which is a bonus for your Instagram.

- Road trips are one of my all time favourite things to do with my friends when I'm in Huddersfield. Theres so many places to drive and so much to see. 

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