My Trip to Bulgaria

June 15, 2017

In most of my recent blog posts, I mentioned the fact that this month I was going to Bulgaria with my family. As soon as I caught up on my sleep and unpacked my suitcase, I started going through my photos and picking out the best ones for a blog post. There was no way I was going to travel to a country I've never been to before and not post about it on my blog. I absolutely loved everything about my stay; the country, the town, the hotel, the people. There wasn't a spot I couldn't find that wasn't photogenic and I found it so hard to narrow down my choices for the post.
The hotel we stayed at was called Aqua Nevis Hotel and I have to admit, it was probably one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. The rooms were spotless, the service was fantastic (although it was a little harder to communicate with the language barrier), but most of all, there was a water park right next door. Although I'm not the biggest fan of water slides, I had the most incredible time in the park as there was still so much to do regardless of the slides. My favourite area was definitely the wave machine pool, but the only downside was that it was only on for 20 minutes every hour. I could have stayed in it all day!
There was however one thing that I loved more than the resort and that was the town of Sunny Beach, which was a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Each time we walked into the town, I found myself becoming more and more in love with it. The energy was incredible, however, there were A LOT of people who approached us to try and persuade us into going to events or eating at the restaurants and I have to admit, it did get VERY annoying. Although, once you got past that and just learnt to avoid them, there was nothing I could fault about the area. One of my favourite things to do when walking through the streets was to watch how all of the locals were living their everyday lives, as their culture and way of living is so different compared to back home.
One evening, we went into town for dinner and ended up at a steak grill. Trust me to order the spaghetti bolognese. It's like ordering a salad at Pizza Hut! Although, I don't regret my choice as the food was absolutely divine. I think the fact that we had a beach view helped enhance the overall experience as well.
Most of the beach front was market stall after market stall, although, I'm not complaining because I love visiting markets, especially in foreign countries. Then you also had the most spectacular hotels and buildings running across the strip. I think I actually took a photo of every single hotel throughout my stay as they all looked like palaces fit for royalty.
Although the evening entertainment at the hotel wasn't my cup of tea as it was mostly targeted towards little children, they did have a few interesting acts. One of my favourites was when a group of Bulgarian dancers put on a performance of traditional Bulgarian dancing. I couldn't keep my eyes off them, except from when they managed to persuade my uncle and brother onto the stage and I had to get my phone out of my bag to record them, of course. I loved the fact that although the narrative was intended to be romantic, there were a lot of lighthearted comedic elements. It was all incredibly energetic and I have no idea how the dancers managed to stay so upbeat and happy throughout the entire performance. They must have stitched the corner of their mouths to their ears. All in all, I absolutely loved it and it was so nice to watch something that was traditional to Bulgarian culture.
Can you believe I had taken such a beautiful photo of this couple and didn't even realise until I returned home? I wish I realised at the time as I would have loved for them to see this. I would love to return to Sunny Beach one day in the near future, so perhaps I might see them again. Although, I reckon the chances of that are very slim! The chances of me returning are definitely much more promising as I had the most incredible time and made quite a few friends. 
There was one girl who worked as a waitress at the hotel who made the most lasting impression upon me more than the others. She was one of the kindest and warm hearted people I have ever met in my entire life and from the little that I got to know of her, she still managed to inspire me to reflect on my outlook of life. I find it quite funny that I found out that she was to be married soon, but I never caught her name. However, she was always incredibly busy and when we got the chance to talk, it was never for very long.

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