My Uncle's Wedding

June 30, 2017

On Friday 23rd June, my family and I travelled to Witney, Oxfordshire for my uncles wedding. It was one of the longest car journeys I have ever been on in my entire life, but it was worth every minute. The wedding was on the Saturday and it was the most beautiful day. The weather was lovely, the venue was spectacular and everything about the day felt absolutely perfect. I couldn't help but have my phone on hand all day and night because every moment was worth capturing.
As soon as we arrived, I had already probably filled up half of my phone's storage because I couldn't stop taking photos of the venue, the scenery and the wedding set up. It was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. As soon as we walked through to the back of the building, we overlooked what I could only describe as the most Instagram worthy scenery I have ever seen in my entire life. The fact that it was also an outdoor wedding meant that we were able to enjoy this backdrop for hours, with the added bonus of beautiful weather.
The wedding was held at Witney Lakes Resort, so it was common to see the odd few people playing golf when looking out across the lake. I also soon found out that Gary Barlow lived close to the area, so you could only imagine my excitement. Part of me was secretly hoping that I was catch him playing golf, but thinking tactically, it would have been a disaster if I ruined my dress and nice makeup after jumping across the fence and fishing around in the lake just to get in close distance to him. I had no idea how you got onto the course, so the lake would have been my only option. Plus, the staff most likely wouldn't have let me in anyways because I could only imagine my reaction if I ever saw Gary Barlow in real life. STALKER ALERT! After the ceremony, we all enjoyed a few drinks under the sun whilst the professional photographer was taking photos of the wedding party. Traditional wedding stuff! 
Then we moved into a function room which was decorated so beautifully for the evening. Although I didn't get any photos as my camera doesn't mix well with artificial lighting, we had the most divine sit down meal. For starters I had prawn cocktail which was a change for me as I always opt for dough balls wherever I go, but with that not being an option on the menu, it was the perfect time for me to have something different for a change. I then had duck with steamed vegetables and roast potatoes for my main, alongside a chocolate mousse for dessert. I'm not a big fan of fancy, wedding food or just fancy food in general, especially because the portions are always so small. You're always left craving more food afterwards. I'd take a full roast dinner over salmon and caviar any day of the week, but this time was different and I enjoyed every bite.
After dinner, it was your typical wedding reception; the speeches, handing out gifts to the wedding party, cutting the cake, getting drunk and dancing all night long, but it was a day and night that I will never forget. We all created lasting memories and welcomed a new family into our lives, which opened a new chapter for all of us. It definitely contributing to making this summer one to remember!

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