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June 01, 2017

I have finally finished packing for Bulgaria, with less than half an hour before the day I set off on my travels. However, I really wanted to write this blog post beforehand as I have a few posts in mind that I want to write during and after the holiday, but I've been so busy with preparation and have only now been able to sit down and write it at 11:24pm. It's a good job I've got the sleeping pattern of a night owl.

A few days ago, I went shopping with my little brother and parents for some last minute essentials. Before we went, I was on the hunt for a new foundation and concealer to take with me, so this shopping trip was a great opportunity to find some. It just so happened that I got my mum addicted to the Studio Fix foundation and when we went into Debenhams to get her a bottle of her own, I decided to pick one up for myself. It's expensive and was more than I was wanting to spend on foundation as I only really wear it for special occasions, but its one of my all time favourites so I was willing to splash the cash. I also have a feeling that I wont be wearing much makeup during the day anyways, so I doubt I will go through the bottle as fast as I would with my normal everyday foundations.  
Although its an expensive habit, I can't stop purchasing the Studio Fix Foundation every time I empty a bottle. It has fantastic high coverage with an incredible staying power that lasts for hours. The formula also makes it easily blendable so its a lot easier to blend it into a natural, flawless finish without it being too thick or drying up too quickly which ends up looking blotchy and horrible. Rather than repeating myself twice, I wrote a full in depth review about the foundation two years ago, which you can find here. Although, I have to warn you now, the camera quality is terrible.
Whilst we were at the MAC counter, I also wanted to pick up my concealer here as I've always wanted to try one of their concealers after hearing many good comments which rave about how good they are. I wanted to try this one in particular which is the Pro Longer Concealer. Although its a small tube, a little bit does go a long way as it has an incredibly smooth consistency and blends incredibly. I was also impressed by the fact that it was a brightening concealer, which worked perfectly to lift and brighten up my under eye area. It's also medium to full coverage like the foundation which is very convenient for me and my gigantic Aldi sized bags. One of my favourite aspects about it is the fact that it really does what its called and lasts for hours on end. I hate it when concealers start to crease after a few hours because they always make your eye area look worse that they would without makeup, but this definitely isn't an issue with this concealer.

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  1. The Pro longwear concealer is amazing it has such great coverage! I completely agree with you on the staying power of it! It's so annoying when concealers crease I never had a problem with that when I used this concealer


    1. I'm still absolutely loving it and I can see myself repurchasing haha! I'm so glad that you love it just as much x


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