Soap & Glory Skincare Review

June 17, 2017

Before I went on holiday, my mum found a Soap and Glory gift box and when she was going through it, she very kindly gave me two of the products inside that she knew she wouldn't use as she's pretty set with her skincare routine. Whereas, me on the other hand, I am always eager to try out different products and brands. I absolutely LOVE Soap & Glory and have been using it since I was a little girl and I first started taking an interest in beauty and makeup products. I haven't found one product that I've used from the brand that has disappointed me. These products definitely weren't going to start now.
I got myself a new face wash which is the Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash and face cream; the Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture. I have tried both of the products for a couple of weeks now and have only been left with satisfying results. They've both become a part of my daily skincare routine and I will be very disappointed when I run out. Aside from the products themselves, can we all just appreciate the packaging? Soap & Glory never lets us down!

The face wash is spectacular for giving your skin what seems like the deep cleanse I can only imagine you would receive from a professional spa facial. I never feel the need to double cleanse with this wash as my skin always feels so silky and clean afterwards. The fact that it also claims to be a Vitamin C wash was also very appealing as it has fantastic benefits for the skin including sun protection, healing properties, protection from discolouration and overall improving the texture.
Initially I was a little apprehensive about the moisturiser as I don't particularly like using skincare products that have a fragrance as my skin is so unpredictable and I always fear a breakout, especially with moisturisers. However, I was completely taken aback about how much I had grown to like it. It is extremely moisturising and they're not lying with the 'speed plump' aspect as my face did feel relatively plumper after use, but not tomato looking plump. It was definitely a good, healthy looking plump. Although, I did take this on holiday and soon realised that it did not work very well with sunburn and tended to sting a little on these parts. Ouch is an understatement!

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