The Best False Eyelashes On The High Street

June 01, 2017

When I'm getting dressed for nights out or special occasions, I love putting on some false eyelashes. They are so great for elevating my makeup looks and adding a little something more to make my eyes stand out. Being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I've tried and tested a lot of eyelash brands, but the ones that I always keep going back to are the Brit Rocks Vintage eyelashes that you can find at your local Savers if you have one. I know right, SAVERS! For those who don't have one local and are unaware of the beauty that is Savers, then it is an incredible discount store that sells branded health and beauty products.
These eyelashes are ridiculously cheap, retailed at a couple of pounds per pack. I have to admit, I do try to steer away from cheap makeup and skincare products, but these eyelashes are absolutely fantastic and shouldn't be overlooked. It should be noted however that not all of them are cut as nice as the ones in the images and you have to have a good look at each pack before you purchase. Although I can't remember the name of the lashes, which is a shame, I did have a bad experience with one of the styles in the past which looked nice in the pack but horrendous when applied.
After testing out a fair few, I've come to the conclusion that the best lash styles from the brand are 'Marilyn', 'Drama Queen' and 'Party Peepers'. I mainly wear lashes on nights out, which is when I generally opt for darker and more dramatic makeup looks, which make the Marilyn and Drama Queen lashes perfect additions. Party Peepers are much softer and are a better option for natural makeup looks. Furthermore, the lash band is also very delicate which makes them a lot easier to apply. It also ensures that you don't overload the lashes with glue. We've all been there before.
Since my own eyelashes are also relatively long, I normally opt for thicker ones that add more volume and help thicken the lashes. However, I'm eager to try 'Innocent' and 'Betty' which are longer and wispier. I imagine that they would be a lovely finishing touch with a natural makeup look.

Overall, Brit Rocks is a fantastic brand of eyelashes that I fully recommend to anyone who is looking for cheaper lash alternatives from the more expensive ones. Before I discovered them, I used Eylure which are nearly £10 a pack and although they are such good quality, the price is ridiculous for my student budget, especially considering they only last a few wears. For someone who wears them quite frequently, the price was definitely starting to build up. Brit Rocks lashes work just as good and last just as long, but you don't have the hefty price tag alongside them.

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