Walking Through A Summer Wonderland

July 19, 2017

Today's post is going to be more photography focused than anything else as I wanted to share a place that is very special to me; my Grandad's garden. This garden is filled with so many happy memories that will be cherished forever. It is a place that is filled with so much happiness and love and every summer, it is reflected through the blooming of the most beautiful flowers and plants. I've made it a little tradition of mine every summer, once everything has fully bloomed, to go outside and take photos of everything I see and this year, I decided to share that with my readers.
This garden has seen generations create memories, from my dad and uncle when they were my age, to my older brother when he was a child, and then to myself and all of my younger relatives. In that time, there have been family animals who enjoyed it just as much as us, from our little white bunny we called Fluffy, to our childhood dog Nanook when we visited which is now visited by our current pup Lucy. It also became a home for Whiskers, the black and white beauty above.
Every time I visit my nana and granddad, I will always take time to go back out into the garden and reminisce over all the fond memories of my childhood that I shared with my family, as well as creating new ones with the younger generation, once Joseph realises where I have gone and follows me out the door. 

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