Why I Love Nashville

July 25, 2017

I have been watching Nashville for quite a while now (up to season three) and can quite contently say that it is becoming one of my favourite TV shows. This is no surprise considering my deep love for all things country and western. I just knew from the get go that I was going to be OBSESSED, and boy was I right! Here are a few reasons that make Nashville one of the best TV shows that I have ever watched. I also included some of my favourite GIFS created from the show as I used to do these type of posts a while back and really enjoyed making them. So, guess what? THEY'RE BACK!
1. The music - Come on, this was expected. Who's going to watch a TV programme about country music and not enjoy the songs, even just a little bit? I often catch my mum, who has never admitted to being a big fan of the genre, not being able to take her eyes off the screen at times. Through this show, I have been able to discover so many fantastic artists and songs that are now happily played on my 'Country Music' spotify playlist that you can follow here if you wish.
2. The eye candy - Boy, oh boy, are there some 10/10's in this show. My favourite of course being Deacon (at the top). I love them all, but there is something about Deacon that I have just always loved. I'm sure those of you who have watched the show understand what I mean. 
3. The strong female characters - Finally there is a show that is focused on successful, career driven women. The two biggest characters in the show are Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes, who are two of the biggest names in the fictional world of the show. They are such determined and strong-willed characters who both worked very hard to be as successful as they are. Definite role model qualities. Although, I have found myself disagreeing with some of the mischief they get up to at times.
4. The jaw dropping storylines - Even if you're not the biggest country music fan (like my mum), your eyes will still be drawn to the screen. I can guarantee it! The storylines are so well written and the actors do an incredible job at doing them justice.
5. Regular appearances from Brad Paisley - Okay so I couldn't find one single GIF of Brad Paisley on the show, but more of Deacon won't hurt. Brad Paisley was one of the first country artists that I first discovered and I have been OBSESSED with his music for ages. You could only imagine my delight when he made his first appearance on the show, for him then to becoming a recurring character.

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