My Fashion Struggles

August 01, 2017

Don't get me wrong, I love fashion. I wouldn't be studying the industry for my university degree if I didn't, but no matter how hard I try, there are certain trends that I just can not hack. I included some left over Nashville GIFs from my last post as it turned out, they really reflected my feelings towards these struggles.

1. Wearing heels on a night out - I'm sure you expected this one. Anyone who has ever worn heels on a night out surely expected this one. The prospect of wearing heels to clubs and bars is absolutely torturous and luckily for me, the clubs that I go to when I'm at university aren't particularly strict with dress code, so towards the second half of the year, my converse came out and the heels started to collect dust. Of course I would still get them out if I was wanting to look more done up, but for the majority of the time, no matter what I wore, I always wore flats. Whenever I see someone painfully staggering out of a club at the end of the night, I have to admit, although I find myself sympathising with them, I also find delight in the fact that my feet aren't the ones hurting. I definitely side with comfort over style in this case.

2. Not being able to get my legs out because I haven't shaved - There has been countless of times that whilst I've been getting ready, the sun has made an appearance, but my legs appear to be hairier than a badger. Although I am more than supportive of equal rights between men and women, I have to admit, I am more of a smooth leg kind of girl. Although I would save a whole load of my time, I can never grow my leg hairs out for too long as the itchiness of the stubble just irritates me so much. If I don't have much time until I have to be out of the door then its a bye bye to sun kissed legs and another hello to my comfort zone that is black leggings.

3. Carrying a bag on a night out - Another night out related struggle, but I promise, I am no alcoholic. I hope. Anyways, I'm sure that I have some readers who will agree that this is the most annoying thing EVER! I absolutely hate lugging around a bag on a night out, no matter how small it is, when all I want to do is just let loose and dance the night away. Although you never can because you have a long strap that keeps wrapping itself round your body and a brick of 'essentials' that keeps knocking into your side. Life would be easier if I didn't wear makeup, and drinks were free, and more of my clothes had pockets.

4. Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit or playsuit - To be honest, whenever I am wearing one of these, I try to avoid making myself need to go to the bathroom at all costs, but when it gets too much, its too much. Eventually you have to go and boy, is it frustrating. It's 2017 and designers still haven't figured out an easier way of removing them. Do they not know that our bladders can't take this anymore? But I mean, they're too pretty not to wear.

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