What To Do On A Rainy Day

August 08, 2017

The recent weather in the North East has made it pretty clear that it is no longer summer for us all as we have been getting the most depressing and cold rainy days. Although I love watching the rainfall when I'm all snuggled up inside of a warm house, it can sometimes get boring and I start to feel unmotivated because I can't go outside and get things done. It's even more annoying when I know I have things to do but I don't want to leave the house into the wet and the cold. With that being said, the colder months will soon be on their way, which means more time spent indoors. I wanted to write a post today (as it pours down with rain outside) to share some things that you can do to make the most out of a rainy day.

1. Catch up on TV - This is my all time FAVOURITE thing to do on a rainy day. I am a TV junkie and have lost count of the amount of TV shows I have watched or am currently watching. This means that I always have episodes to catch up on. What better time to binge watch your favourite shows? It passes time, you're not out in the cold, and you have more time to start new shows. It's a win win situation.

2. Clean the house - Nobody wants to be cleaning the house on a warm day and end up getting all hot and bothered. Why not do it when hardly anybody will be outside? You won't have to worry about FOMO and you won't have to worry about sweating off half of your body weight trying to clean out your wardrobe. You can even plan it all out before hand to make it less stressful. Figure out which rooms need cleaning the most, divide the rooms into sections and focus on each section separately, until you're done and then you can move onto the next room. Popping on a bit of music will also help lift the mood and make it feel less boring. Or if you're me, you will having your TV shows running in the background.

3. Have a movie day - There are new films coming out all the time and although there are probably a few that you've been wanting to watch, matters always come down to a) not having enough time and b) not having cinema money, because the cinema, is pretty damn expensive. If you own an Amazon Fire TV Stick then you can get access to any film you want, including the newer ones. If you're still living in the old days like me then you will probably still have a DVD player, so if you don't own a firestick then have a look through your DVD collection and pick out your favourites. Although I appreciate modern technology, you can never go wrong with a good DVD collection. It's also a great thing to do with other people, whether thats having a family member join you or calling a friend over, if they're willing to make the cold journey, that is.

4. Catch up on work that you can do indoors - For me that would include writing up blog posts, checking and responding to emails, catching up on uni work. Basically anything that you know you need to do that you can do indoors. Over summer its a little harder because uni work pretty much takes over my life and when I'm not at uni, theres not much for me to do. However, I have kept myself busy by organising my student finance and accommodation for next year, planning my move back to Huddersfield, preparing myself for second year work and basically doing anything I can now, so I don't have as much to do in the near future.

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