A Day in Whitby

September 25, 2017

What an absolute CRAZY two weeks I have had since moving back to Huddersfield for university. It has been non stop, but now that freshers has come to an end and I'm finally settled back into student living, I finally have the time to sit down and write up blog posts again. I have wanted to write up this post for so long, especially considering this day happened on the 6th September, but unfortunately, my blog was one of the last things on my mind this month. I have SO MUCH to catch you guys up on, so be prepared for a spam load of blog posts coming up in the near future. But for now, let me introduce you to one of my favourite places in the whole wide world.
Ever since I was little, I have always had a really special connection to the seaside town of Whitby. I do partly believe thats because my family would always take us on day trips there during the summer holidays, and even short Winter trips sometimes. My nana and grandad promised to take me this summer, before I returned back to university, and a drive through for a spot of lunch ended up turning into a full day of exploring. No matter how many times I visit Whitby, it never fails to impress me.
By the time we arrived, it was around lunch time and we were all more than ready for some delicious seaside fish and chips, so our first stop was Terry's. I really digged the vibe of this place as it was very chilled and spacious, surprising considering it claims itself to be a restaurant. It felt more like a cafe to me, which was perfect for a quick bite to eat. It was also very retro looking, which is actually one of the first things I admired. The restaurant is situated on the harbour, so watching boats sail by whilst having lunch was a real treat as its not something you come across back home, or in Huddersfield for that matter. I ordered cod and chips, my usual, and actually ended up eating the whole thing, which was very astonishing as I've never been able to finish a full cod by myself. All of that walking from the car park must have built up quite the appetite.
After lunch, we headed down to my favourite part of the town, the cobbled streets. However, we couldn't quite get there until we crossed the famous Whitby Swing Bridge. Anyone who has ever been to Whitby will know exactly what I'm talking about. It's one of the best places to get a full view of all the boats on the harbour. The only issue is that if its a busy day, you won't get very long to appreciate the view until you're being pushed forward by the massive crowd trying to cross it. There's people everywhere, trying to weave in and out of each other. You definitely have to be quick if you want a nice shot of the scene.
I must admit, the cobbled streets aren't much quieter than the bridge, but they're definitely a lot more chilled. Probably because theres no space to rush around, as the streets are so intimate and close. Plus, if you rushed around then you wouldn't be able to enjoy all of the little cafes, bars and boutiques. No matter how busy or quiet the streets are, they are always my favourite part of the town because anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a sucker for anything historic looking. I guess it makes a lot more sense now as to why I adore this town so much. Whitby is full of history and I love learning more and more about it each time I visit.
After exploring the cobbled streets for some time, my grandad then took me up the yet again, famous, 199 steps which leads to the church and abbey. I walk up these steps every time I'm in Whitby, but never actually passed the gates to see the full abbey grounds, as you now have to pay entry since the landmark is now owned by a charity called English Heritage. Since I have a big family, the cost of entry for us all would have been sky high, but the history geek in me always wanted to go and see it. With me being the only grandchild this time, I was treated to an entry pass and was able to mark one more historical landmark off my list. However, once again, I took too many photos during the day and so I decided to write a separate post about the abbey which will be coming soon, as I didn't want to leave a single photo out. Plus, I can go into more detail about what I learnt about its history for all you fellow history geeks. It's definitely a landmark I recommend visiting if you're also into this kind of stuff.
One drink in the nearest bar, a lemon top and a relaxing stroll back to the car later, and we were all buckled in the car and ready to say goodbye to Whitby.. until next time.

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