Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival

September 26, 2017

On Sunday, I went to my first ever Food and Drink Festival and boy, was I impressed. The festival was in Holmfirth, which is a small town quite close to Huddersfield so it was a quick bus ride there and back. The town was lovely and sort of made me feel like I was in an episode of Heartbeat. I love little country towns, so I guess its no surprise why I chose to live in Huddersfield for three years. Everything available was locally sourced from farmers and businesses, and the festival itself was actually organised by volunteers. The unification of the locals was unmissable and it was absolutely delightful to feel so welcomed in a community where theres a good chance that most people know each other. The amount of food on offer was endless and to name a few, there were meats, breads, cheeses, fresh veg, cakes, ice cream, and even dishes from other continents. The paella looked and smelt absolutely phenomenal. 
The festival was on all weekend and as well as enjoying the delicious food and drink, everyone was celebrating its 12th year running. I thought that was absolutely incredible! Although I'll tell you what wasn't very incredible; the crowds. There were people flying everywhere, going from one stall to the other, filling up the streets and roads, but what did I expect? It was an absolutely incredible festival and I read that over 40, 000 people attended across the weekend. Plus, I guess it did all add to the excitement of it all. There was so much on offer to eat and drink, as well as live music and entertainment. No wonder everyone was excited!
After having a little stroll around all of the stalls and town, I picked up the most incredible strawberry and banana frozen yoghurt. It literally took me forever to decide on the flavour as there were so many options available. It didn't take me long before I found the cake stall and ended up picking up a slice for the evening. There is nothing better than cake and a cuppa... especially with the company of Eastenders ;). I was also very tempted to go back to the nacho stall as I LOVE Mexican food, but I was already starting to feel very stuffed.
After I passed all of the stalls, there wasn't much more to do unless I wanted to re-enter the food mosh pit (once you were in, it wasn't easy to leave), but after a little walk away from the centre, I stumbled into another little area. It was definitely targeted more towards children, but I still enjoyed a little walk through, especially to see the birds they were showing. It was so nice to watch all of the little children petting and holding the birds. It filled them with so much joy, which then spread to their parents and relatives. There wasn't a single person without a smile on their face.
There was also craft and activity areas as well with lots of free toys for children to pick up and play with. This would have been an absolute paradise for my little brother Joseph. However, since I didn't find much attraction in doing this myself, there was only so long that I could stand around and watch everything taking place before becoming slightly bored. After walking out of the gates and going back towards the main area, I ended up coming across two musicians who were playing live music in the corner of a street. I never caught their names, but their music was so enjoyable. I'm not a music expert so I couldn't tell you what genre their music was and I didn't recognise any songs, but I did often feel like it had a little bit of country in it. I think thats why I stuck around for so long, so that I could hear some more. We should all know by now that I'm a real sucker for country music.

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